Sunday, April 27, 2008

House of Nyla...Red Dragon Gown

Hello Fashionista's,

Hope you are all doing very well !

I recently created a wedding gown in Real Life for Indy Film director Brie Koniczek.

Not your typical wedding gown but an explosion of bright Red Duchess Silk.She had received some vintage silk dragon brocade from her family that was used as the top drapes, it was backed with a variegated golden charmeuse.

To top it all off the embroidered dragon that is on the corset was stencilled from the grooms tattooed chest, he has a dragon that wraps from his front chest all the way to his back. So when I embroidered the Dragon onto her corset I put it on the opposite side , his was on the right chest and hers on the left to symbolise yin and yang.

It was a wonderful experience and they are truly in Love.

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Love, Nyla

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

House of Nyla...Miss Polka Dotty Dress !!!

Kimmyko Mayako is competing in the SL Top Model ,there is currently 5 girls left , the competition is heating up as they model their way to number 1 !!!

Kimmyko is wearing Miss Pink Polka Dotty Dress , Black stitched Silver Buckle MaryJane shoes with matching handbag & the super cute lace frill socks.

Miss Polka Dotty..... dress comes with two skirts, one long, one short in many colors.

Matching shoes and two hats one party style and one sun hat. you can take off the skirt and wear the vintage style full piece bathing suit !

At the House of Nyla , you will find the finest couture SL fashion. Gowns, Dresses, Corsets, Beaded Cloche Hats, Top Hats, Gloves, Lingerie,swim-wear, Shoes and Boots.Masks perfect for Goth, Fetish Parties, Roleplay, Superhero and they are Unisex.

*** Gift certificates are available ***

Love Nyla

Starax 192, 117, 25