Thursday, December 27, 2007

House of Nyla... Boxing Day Sale !!! 50% OFF

House of Nyla... Boxing Day Sale !!! 50% OFF

In following with Canadian Tradition , I am having a Boxing Day Sale from December 26th to January 3rd .

50% off all items !!!

So if Santa didn't bring you just what you wanted , stop by for my semi annual Sale !!!!

Starax 192 117 25

At the House of Nyla , where you will find the finest couture SL fashion. Dresses, Silks, Corsets, Masks, Gloves, Lingerie, Hats and Shoes.... Bra, panties, garterbelts and stockings in many colours to choose from.

Masks perfect for Goth, Fetish Parties, Roleplay, Superhero and they are Unisex.

I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays this year !!!

Love, Nyla

*** Gift certificates are not redeemable for sale.

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Sasy Scarborough said...

has heart failure LOL YAYYYYY Finally :P not so scary is it *hugs* Love you Love you Love you Bunches
xoxox Sasy xoxo