Saturday, August 2, 2008

House of Nyla -Free Gift at Retrology !!!

Hello Fashionista`s,

I have had a little boutique over at Retrology since their very beginning.

They are having their First year anniversary and so to celebrate i am giving away one of my most special Party dresses!!!

WonderPunch !!!! :0)

There are also many gifts to be found all around the island at the Retrology inspired boutiques !!!

Today is the last day of the Celebration and free gifts !!!!

Don't forget to spot by my main boutique !!!

At the House of Nyla, you will find the finest couture Second Life Fashion. Dresses, Silks, Corsets, Masks, Gloves, Lingerie, Hats and Shoes.... Bra, panties, garter belts and stockings in many colours to choose from. Masks perfect for Goth, Fetish Parties, Role-play, Superhero and they are Unisex.

Love, Nyla

*** Gift certificates are available***

Starax 192/117/25

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